We specialize in early morning airport transportation starting at 3:30am.


Taxi Services

“Dennis is awesome. So nice to catch a ride with a Charlottesville native…”

— Bob A., Charlottesville, VA

“Dennis was very flexible and really wanted to help when my trip to CHO airport became a drive to Dulles airport in the event of a cancelled connecting flight. Even though we had to change destinations en route, he was very understanding and didn’t overcharge me for the last minute change. He got me to Dulles on time to make my connection!!”

— Lydia M., OR

“Midnight pick up from CHO is a tough one. I don’t want the unknowns of an Uber driver at that time of night but finding a car company willing to come out proved challenging. That is why I’m bothering to write this review. Itaxi provided a great service, really comfortable car and professional manner. The owner driver is a native and knows all the quickest routes. He was waiting for me and helped with bags, and made great time back to my downtown address. The price was perfectly acceptable. I’d definitely recommend itaxi and will be using this service from now on.”

— Jan G., CA